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Claire Boost (Culnary delight and gadening guru)  DODGES FERRY

Claire is a teacher and has been Coordinating the Garden for six years with her colleague and friend Gabe. She is happiest when far removed from technology; be it immersed in the garden, the sea or the bush. 


Gabe Gartrell (gardening guru, self proclaimed earth steward and yoga teacher) DODGES FERRY

Gabe is a co-creator of the Okines Community Garden, known for her extraordinary capacity to sit and drink tea by the cup loads, Gabe is drawn to simple pleasures; being in nature, connecting with authenticity, and dancing. She enjoys life (more) through living with less. Her collective life experience’s has led her to become a grower, of plants, people and the community. The garden for Gabe is a rich ground of contentedness.



Meahd Bradshaw (gardening guru and weeding enthusiast) DUNALLEY

is a passionate gardener who is one of a handful of people in the world who enjoys weeding.


Kerrie Brown (ecologist, gardener and energizer!) DUNALLEY

is an ecologist and super keen gardener who loves to explore in the garden and loves learning something new every day. We will be your garden hosts at the Dunalley Community Education Garden.




Bec Howarth (gardening guru and Ray of sunshine) NUBEENA

Beck is new to the role of garden coordinator at Nubeena and is full of ideas and energy to create a welcoming and productive garden, that can be used by all of the community on the Peninsula.  

Beck is a busy mum of twin boys and loves spending time in the outdoors with her family.









 Jessie Bynon (Occupational Therapist and Social Butterfly) ALL SITES

Jessie is an Occupational Therapist. She runs her own Occupational Therapy practice.

Jessie lives in Carlton and loves spending time in the local community whether it's gardening, spending time with people or making music. Jessie will be present at DIGnity to enable participation by all in valued, rewarding and meaningful pastimes. She will be at all three DIGnity locations.









 Gwen Egg (Fibre artist and creative genius) ALL SITES

 Gwen is a fibre and community artist. She is a long time local of Dodges Ferry/Carlton and has a passion for working with community to care for the local environment.

Gwen will offer participants the opportunity to indulge in creative adventures at our DIGnity sessions in all three locations.








Andrew Nolan (Counsellor and Supportive backbone) ALL SITES

Andrew is a social worker, counsellor and native plant gardening enthusiast.  He lives in Dodges Ferry and operates a counselling practice in the local area.  Andrew will be about as support for anyone dealing with bereavement, family issues or challenging personal situations. He's our token bloke with a big heart.






Dr Pauline Marsh (Centre for Rural Health and Film Maker Extraordinaire) ALL SITES

Pauline Marsh is a social researcher in the Centre for Rural Health at UTAS and a filmmaker. She lives at Dodges Ferry and loves being in the Okines Community Garden. Pauline will be 

overseeing the evaluation of DIGnity, and hopes to include video interviews with willing participants